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Important tips for Volunteers

"Yes!! I have gotten the volunteer role" screamed Ada who just received a phone call

"Congratulations! What is the organisation about? What would be your primary role? I hope you are not going there to waste your time" Emeka, Ada's brother asked.

"They deal with gender based violence and I applied to be their programs officer, I'm sure it has to do with organizing their programs"

"Don't make assumptions. Find out first what it is before they will use you as lab rat"

"AH! You are right let me call the number again". Ada rushes to call back the number.

After some few minutes discussing on phone, she hung up.

"What did they say?" Emeka says with concern

"It seems I got their profile and even my job role wrongly, they deal with women empowerment with more focus on domestic violence. Also my role as a programs officer is not just on planning programs. I will be supervising a team to do that, taking reports and much more. This requires more than I originally thought."

"You see! That's how you would have accepted the role and then end up disappointed. Thankfully, I was here to guide you."

"You are right, I need to seat and think about it before accepting it totally. Thank you brother." Ada

Are you like Ada in this story? Take our tips for today and research. Ask questions once you have been accepted.

Are you guilty of this? Tell us your own experience below!

What has stopped you from making research before accepting a volunteer role?

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