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Rivers, Nigeria


SOW Africa

We are an internationally registered non-profit focused on driving and powering sustainable projects in health, infrastructural development, vocational skill training, and education in underserved communities in Africa. We are launching our SOW student chapters (SSC) soon and are looking for volunteers who are interested in spearheading and crafting projects that will develop their communities. With our SSCs, we aim to empower and challenge students to harness their diverse perspectives in developing creative solutions for positive impact as they continue through school and subsequently, prepare them for a competitive workforce. We need volunteers in different state/school chapters. SOW Africa will manage, fund, and equip the chapters for the projects alongside other volunteer incentives. Feel free to register with us if you are interested!

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Opportunity End Date/Deadline Volunteer(s) Requested
Student Chapter Lead Dec. 28, 2020 1
Student Chapter Volunteer Dec. 24, 2020 1