Nucleus Africa

Nucleus Africa is a nonprofit social enterprise that creates capacity development opportunities for the optimization of rural underserved populations and communities as a means of empowerment and leverage to gain socio-economic advantage. We optimize the human, educational and economic potentials of Africa’s rural poor, creating opportunities for empowerment and development. At Nucleus Africa, we are on a mission to drive the development of human capital, using cutting edge research based solutions to create opportunities for vulnerable groups such as children and women in rural communities as well as people with special needs, to optimize their potentials for personal and economic outcomes. While at it, we will work in partnership with rural communities, governments, technocrats, the academia, volunteers and other development partners to develop Open Knowledge opportunities and provide needed empowerment to our beneficiaries across Africa.

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Opportunity End Date/Deadline Volunteer(s) Requested
Graphic Designer April 21, 2021 2
Creative Writer March 31, 2021 2
Communications Officer March 31, 2021 1
Graphic Designer March 09, 2021 2
Finance Officer March 05, 2021 1
Head of Human Resources Feb. 04, 2021 1
Research Analyst Jan. 24, 2021 1
Head, Rural Education Program Jan. 05, 2021 1
Creative Designer Jan. 13, 2021 2
Creative Writer Jan. 05, 2021 1
Social Media Manager Dec. 11, 2020 2